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Import & Export Services

XTAN Corporation provides services to small and medium industries and commercial houses to import – export their products and services. This gives them an opportunity to do business from Local to Global. 

The Indian Government is exporting the products made in India, which will help the Indian Economy improve with a surge of foreign currency coming in to India. 

With help of experts of various task like; Sourcing of Products, Inspection and Testing, Packing and Shipment, Custom Clearance, etc…, XTAN Corporation provides premium quality consultancy since from sourcing of products to delivery of products to your door, and our 24 Hours Exclusive IMEX Customer Care provides you support through Telephone, Email. 

Our Group and Associate Company Ecstasy Trade Credit Guarantee Fund will help you financially;

  • For Importer: you dont need to pay 100% for Import of Product. All you need is to pay only 30% of the cost of good and balance against the receipt of material at India Port.
  • For Exporter: You dont need to wait for the payment, we will collect the payment from your overseas customer and you will receive the payment against dispatch. Further we finance the manufacturer for preparing the goods against confirm export order 

Today, we are one of the foremost importers and exporters serving clients in different parts of globe like UK, USA, Russia, France, Australia, UAE, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, Germany, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Vietnam, Sri Lanka & Bangladesh, South African countries & many more.

Let us Start Exploring The Globe, The World is waiting for....!

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