XTAN Corporation

Welcome to XTAN Corporation

Founded by Manisha Shah in 2011, as a Small Trading Company, and looking back it has been an awesome ride with lots of ups and downs, but whatever be the situation, we were always trying to move forward. Now, XTAN Corporation is fastest growing group with headquartered in India, comprising 11 companies across 5 verticals.

XTAN Corporation operates globally, with a mission ‘To create sustained and significant value for employment creation, through growing alongside our customers and society through wide ranging changes, providing equal opportunity and long-term stakeholder value creation based on Leadership with Trust ’ and it will make us as “Global Business Player


We connect millions of peoples around the world, empowering them & creating economic opportunity for all.


XTAN Corporation is the principal investment holding company and promoter of all XTAN Companies. 51 percent of the equity share capital of XTAN Corporation is held for Ecstasy Humanity Trust, which support education, health, animal welfare, art and culture.


Each XTAN Company or enterprise operates independently under the guidance and supervision of its own board of directors.