XTAN Research and Development

Research and Development is a model of numerous innovative and out of box activities powered by innovative ideas, science and technology to develop or enhance the products and services.

XTAN Corporation has its own Research and Development in following field;

            1. Automation Controls in Electrical Engineering
            2. Electronics Circuits Design and New device development.
            3. New Decentralize Data Base Development
            4. Pharmaceuticals
            5. 100% H2 Fuel Turbine Design for Renewable RTC Power
            6. Micro Nuclear Reactor Design for Micro Nuclear Power Plant
            7. Electricity Storage & its Charging technology

XTAN Corporation is actively investing 10% of its total profit in Research & Development. Currently XTAN Corporation has total of 11 research members, doing research in various above mentioned categories. 

If you have any idea, Come, Discuss and we will invest in your idea.  

Do contact CEO Directly on email at; ceo@xtancorp.com

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