XTAN Corporation History

XTAN Corporation has established its vision to be Global Business Player by Creating New Values and is preparing for a new takeoff for the future with focused on new growth across Manufacturing, Import & Export, Energy, I.T. & ITES, E-Commerce & Global Retail, Internet News & Entertainment, Infrastructure & Education, Corporate & Co-Operative Farming, Domestic & International Trade, Credit Guarantee & Finance, and developing business with the whole world as its stage.

Birth of XTAN Corporation
Started with Small Trading Company
XTAN Corporation Export Import
April 2012
Start Import & Export. Internation Trade & Distribution
XTAN Corporation Manufacturing
January 2014
Enter into Manufacturing. Started Manufacturing LED Lights and Accessories
XTAN Corporation Energy Business
Febuary 2016
Enter into Energy Sector
XTAN Corporation Energy Storage Business
January 2018
Started Battery Pack Manufacturing
XTAN Corporation IT & ITES ECommerce and Global Retail Business
March 2020
Entered into IT & ITES, E-Commerce & Global Retail Business.
XTAN Corporation Infrastructure
April 2022
Enter into Infrastructure Business
XTAN Working
January 2023
Working on 2370MW Power and Infra Project

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