XTAN Group and Associates

XTAN Corporation

XTAN Corporation

Principal investment holding company and promoter of all XTAN Corporation Group / Associate Companies

DAC Systems Inc.

Design Automation & Control Systems Inc.
Research and Development of Electronic Controls, Circuits, Drivers and Automation Cards

Ecstasy Technology & Network Systems

IT and ITES Company
1. Web Development,
2. Web Hosting

Niccau Energy Solutions

Ecstasy E-Commerce Pvt. Ltd.

Niccau Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Electrical and Electronic Manufacturing Company
1. LED Lights & Accessories
2. Lithium Batteries
3. Solar Inverters

Renewable Energy & Infrastructure Sector

Ecstasy Trade Credit Guarantee Fund Pvt Ltd

Finance company
1. Trade Credit for Import
2. Finance for Infrastructure Project
3. Digital Currency

Internet News Portal

Re-Fill EV Inc.

EV Charging Stations & Battery Swapping Stations
Setting up PAN India Network of Charging and Swapping Stations on PPP and BOOT (Hybrid) Model

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