eCSTASY... Management

eCSTASY Technology And Network Corporation; is promoted by Sanjaykumar Shah; an Electrical Engineer with more than two decade of experience in Management of various Manufacturing Companies, International Trading Companies and Multinationals.

eCSTASY management is further comprise of Board of Directors core team of technical experts and experienced professionals


Promoter: Mrs. Manisha Shah

Director: Mr. Sanjaykumar Shah

Distribution and Marketing Division

Distribution and Marketing operational activities are managed by qualified and experienced professionals and further they are assisted by Regional Sales Manager and Sales Executives.

Divisional Head

Mr. Sanjaykumar Shah [Group C.E.O. & Chairman]
Sales & Distribution: Mr. Musharraf Shaikh
[G.M. Sales]
Trade Finance: Mr. Mahesh Kale
[G.M. eCSTASY Trade Credit Guarantee Fund Pvt. Ltd.]
Manufacturing: Mr. Santosh Ingle
[G.M.Niccau Technologies Pvt. Ltd.]
e Commerce: Mr. Akash Yadav
[G.M. eCSTASY eCommerce Pvt. Ltd.]
Renewable Energy: Mr. Nitin Kulkarni
[G.M. eCSTASY Renewable Energy Pvt. Ltd.]